UGA Costa Rica: The Documentary

'UGA Costa Rica: Changing Lives' is a new one-hour documentary that follows students as they immerse themselves in Costa Rican culture and the region's unique environs. From their first days on the UGA Costa Rica campus to their trips into the Monteverde Biological Cloud Forest Reserve, the Finca La Bella sustainable treehouse community, the Pacific Ocean beaches and the capital city of San Jose, viewers will experience Costa Rica from a student's perspective.

Fantastic Student Writings & Videos

In May 2013, seventeen students from the University of Georgia traveled to Costa Rica as part of the Advanced Spanish, Creative Writing and Photodocumentary program. Here is a document (Latin: “to teach the mind”) and record (“bring back to the heart”) of their UGACR experience.

Please click on the link below to see their writing and videos.


UGACR Campus 360° Photos

Isaac Martinez, an award-winning Costa Rican 360° photographer, came up to our campus in San Luis to take a number of amazing spherical images on our 155-acre property, a fantastic opportunity to get a clearer understanding of our campus' built space, but also our trails, gardens, and reforestation nursery.

If an ordinary picture is worth a thousand words, then these 360s must each be worth a million!