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Check out this short video about UGA Costa Rica's Resident Naturalist Program, featuring Lillie Kline! This featurette was directed by student alumni, Liza McLain.


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What's New in San Luis? (Archives)

February 2013, Volume IV, issue 2 - 03/04/2013 ‎

We were pleased to welcome the president of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla, to campus this February. She was accompanied by the Minister of the President, Carlos Ricardo Benavides, the Minister of Public Works and Transportation,


January 2013, Volume IV, issue 1 - 01/16/2013 ‎

The rainy season has come to an end, and we’ve been enjoying some gorgeous, sunny weather for the first part of 2013. The UGA Costa Rica campus has been bustling with students, visitors, and busy staff members. Here are some


December 2012, Volume III, issue 5 - 12/11/2012 ‎

It's been a busy few months at UGA Costa Rica, and the holidays are quickly approaching!


November wrapped up another fall semester with students from the Landscape Architecture and Tropical Ecology programs. UGA's Coffee


June 2012, Volume III, issue 4 - 06/11/2012 ‎

Busy season is in full swing at UGACR! The month of May brought eight UGA programs to Costa Rica:

  • Advanced Spanish, Creative Writing & Photodocumentary (seen above at the Monteverde Reserve with professor Aurora Thorgerson

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Two Hundred and Fifty-Two Bowls of Rice and Beans

When we stepped off the bus after a long day of traveling and nine months of preparation, I felt like I had swallowed a flock of birds. This is where I left Costa Rica last summer after nine weeks there. I cannot wait to see where I leave it in three more months. One bowl of rice and beans down, two hundred and fifty-one to go...

Interracial Costa Rica

There are few words to describe how I feel in this moment. I am typing away in the dimly lit library on the UGA Costa Rica campus. Outside, a symphony of birds is making music. Above me, clouds are rolling through, intermittently blocking the sun's warm rays. Not far from me, I hear pans clanking in the kitchen as breakfast is being prepared. Down the hill, the girls are getting ready for their last full day in Costa Rica...

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