Ecolodge San Luis



Ecolodge San Luis is a unique hotel within the UGA Costa Rica Campus, providing lodging for tourists in tandem with a rich offering of activities not typically found elsewhere. Being a part of the UGA campus allows for a singular experience of educational and nature based activities, as well as interaction with the local community. You are sure to delight in the environment created by enthusiastic campus staff, fellow travelers, and students participating in UGA Costa Rica Programs during your stay.


The Ecolodge Cabinas are located a lovely 8-minute walk from Reception along an unpaved country road. Ecolodge rooms can sleep up to 3, 4 or 5 people.  Each room has a private, hot water bathroom, security safe, coffee maker with all the fixins for coffee or tea, and double French doors that open out to a balcony.  The Ecolodge's 12 rooms are divided between two buildings, each nestled within the surrounding forest.  A breezeway separates the wings of each building, and offers a wonderful place to relax in a hammock and enjoy the views. Guests can pick up the Camino Real trail just below rooms 7-12 and follow the 3km trail as it winds through some of our protected forest reserve and comes out in the San Luis Botanical Garden. Your stay at the Ecolodge includes typical Costa Rican style meals, freshly prepared using local ingredients and served buffet-style in our dining hall. Please explore what the Ecolodge UGA Costa Rica Campus has to offer with the menu at the left.


The UGA Costa Rica Campus can also accommodate your group needs of all types, such as scout troops, church groups, school groups, and professional retreats, etc. We're happy to help you plan an exciting adventure in Costa Rica!


To make a reservation, fill out the on-line reservations form. For more information, contact us at 011-506-2645-7363 or



General Guidelines for Visiting Protected Areas

UGA Costa Rica is a member of the Costa Rican Network of Privately-Owned Reserves.  The campus includes about 50 hectares (about 123 acres) of protected forest reserve, with an extensive trail network maintained for our guests.

When visiting our forest reserve, or any other protected area in Costa Rica, please respect the following guidelines:

  • Always inform other people about your hiking plans and hike with at least one other person. Avoid going into the forest alone.
  • Please stay on the trails to avoid personal injury and minimize your footprint on the environment around you.
  • Respect other visitors—do not talk loudly, play music, or cause other disturbances while visiting our forest reserve. Smoking is not permitted on our forest trails. Carry out all trash, such as food wrappers or water bottles that you produce while on the forest trails.
  • Be sensitive to local wildlife! If you are lucky enough to see animals in their natural habitat, please be respectful and try not to disturb their natural patterns. For example, if you see monkeys, do not stare or throw things at them. Such gestures will be perceived as threatening and will disrupt the monkeys natural behavior (feeding, mating, etc.)
  • Please do not disturb or remove any plant or animal material.  If you wish to handle plants or animals (including insects) please do so with the supervision of a local guide, and with the permission of the administration.  This means: just ask!
  • Please inform the administration of any maintenance concerns.

We appreciate your help in preserving our natural environment!


UGA Costa Rica supports and abides by Costa Rica’s
Code of Conduct protecting children from sexual exploitation.