Monthly Bird Counts


One of UGA Costa Rica's long-term research projects is a monthly bird census, which is typically conducted during the second week of each month. The count is carried out by the UGA CR Resident Naturalists; we are frequently joined by community members, student groups, guests, and anyone else who wants to participate.  Although detailed results have not been posted since August 2013, daily morning birding activities and regular monthly bird counts continue at the UGA Costa Rica campus, and we welcome our guests to be a part of these activities!


The area surveyed includes the UGA Costa Rica property as well as surrounding areas in the Upper San Luis valley (including Finca La Bella and the San Luis waterfall area). The bird count was first performed in September 2009, and summarized data are posted here on this site (below). Researchers interested in older or more detailed data should contact Jose Montero, Research, Instruction, and Internships Coordinator.


Results from bird counts are also posted on e-bird, an online resource run by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. You can post the birds seen during your own visit to UGA CR by joining e-bird and selecting us as your location: "University of Georgia Costa Rica / Ecolodge San Luis."


Check out the updated UGACR Bird List!



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