Faculty Bio

Fabricio Camacho

General Manager

As a graduate in forestry engineering from the School of Environmental Sciences at the National University of Costa Rica, Fabricio Camacho's principal area of interest is the management and conservation of natural resources. Fabricio recently completed the book, Common Trees of Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve.

Fabricio started his work with the UGA Costa Rica program in 2001 when the University acquired the property in San Luis. His responsibilities at UGA Costa Rica have changed over time: he started as the administrative assistant of the general manager; in 2003 he managed the business office; and in December 2004 he was appointed as the general manager of the operation.

Fabricio is currently working with the staff and the program director in order to secure the stability and sustainability of the operation. As the general manager of the UGA Costa Rica Campus, his most important goal is to offer high quality educational and research opportunities for UGA students and faculty.