UGACR iBook Download Instructions

In a partnership with UGA's New Media Institute, we have created the first in a series of interactive digital brochures brought to you by iBooks. This brochure will operate at full functionality on your iPads, any Macintosh computers with an OS of 10.9 or greater (Mavericks), and iPhones supporting at least IOS7 (though the functionality is most attractive on iPads and desktops). If you do not possess the compatible Apple products, you can also view this as an interactive pdf.


(Please see our step-by-step download instructions below.) This download should take 3-5 minutes to complete depending on your connection speed. But trust us, it's worth the wait!


A page featuring information and media discussing Costa Rica's food culture.


Step-by-Step iBook Download Instructions


1.) Please take a moment to download the iBooks app from the Apple Store. Click here for more information about Apple iBooks.


2.) Press and hold the download link above. (You can do it here too.)


3.) Copy the link.



4.) Paste this link into your Safari browser. Click the blue "Go" button to activate the download. (If you are viewing this page using a QR Code Reader, exit to paste this url into Safari. This page will still be here when you come back for the remaining instructions.)





5.) Allow 3-5 minutes for the iBook file to download. Your Safari screen will remain mostly blank during this time (see below). Please be patient, as the download speed is determined by the strength of your Internet connection.


(Note: The downloading process continues only when your Safari is open. Exiting to use other apps, including your QR Code Reader, will prolong the download time. You'll notice the "busy" spinning wheel icon in the upper-lefthand of your iPad screen when your Safari is open, indicating that the download is processing.)




6.) When the download is complete, the following screen will appear.




7.) Select the option on the right: Open in "iBooks".


8.) The following iBooks Library page will then open automatically.




9.) Select the UGACR iBook and enjoy! And please share these instructions with your friends!