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A 2012 UGA Costa Rica student Says:

"Costa Rica is an amazingly peaceful country with amazing culture and wildlife. The trip was not a culture shock, but a culture re-awareness. You learn about other values, customs, and at the same time learn the importance of conserving the land & its creatures."

International Perspectives on Interracial Communication

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Undergraduate, Graduate / Summer / Department of Communication Studies

Program Overview


The long-running Interracial Commuincation program uses a field setting to better understand the significance of communication within Western Society. And Costa Rica, given its rich heritage of Latino and Afro-Caribbean influencesnot to mention the continual influx of American expatriates along its coastal communitiesis an ideal context in which to observe these cultural shifts and tensions. This program, perhaps more than any other UGA Costa Rica program, explores the country and culture of Costa Rica, visiting multiple provinces from the Pacific Coast, to the mountainous rural regions, to the great Central Valley, to the Caribbean Sea. This rigorous travel schedule in combination with the associated excursions at each local are an integral part of course material and the overall study abroad experience.


The goal of this program is to extend knowledge and understanding of race relations. Students learn theories and concepts about race as a social construction and its implications for interpersonal communication between racially (and ethnically) different individuals. Students will move from thinking about race to applying what they have learned to real world experiences. Understanding of the reality of race and racialized experiences that exist beyond the borders of the U. S. will be the challenge students face. They will be engaged in field studies and self-reflective activities and assignments that explore race, racism, ethnicity, racial identity construction, and interracial communication as they relate to Costa Rica as a global market. Using a cultural lens, this course will aim to deconstruct the way we think about race as a global social phenomenon that has significantly impacted various cultures existent within Costa Rica. Immersing ourselves in the culture will offer insight into and understanding of how race has evolved over time into a social ideology that continues to divide ethnic groups according to phenotypic (i.e., physical) features.


If the societal influences of history, language, communication patterns, and media help to shape our understanding of how culture is formed, then this month-long cultural immersion experience will help to investigate these processes, challenge the assumptions of its participants, and ultimately promote positive interracial communication.


UGA Costa Rica Campus

Program courses are taught at UGACR’s classrooms and labs and through “living classroom” field-based activities. The 155-acre UGACR campus, located in San Luis de Monteverde, is a model of sustainability, and includes computer and science labs, spacious bungalow dorms, a student union/dining hall, and recreational facilities. There are over 2 miles of hiking trails throughout the campus’ forest reserve, along with a working organic farm and reforestation nursery, and the San Luis Botanical Garden with a medicinal plants garden and arboretum trails.



You will select two of the following options, giving you a total of 6 credit hours.


January 20 2017


$3,500* (Approximate)

Program Dates

Summer I

Application Process

Enrollment is limited to 14 qualified students. Students will earn 6  credit hours.


To apply, students must submit both of the following:

For more information, contact Tina Harris. You can also reach the UGACR Office at (706) 542-6203.

Costs & Payments

The program fee covers all lodging (both on- and off-campus), three meals per day (with a few exceptions), travel insurance, and all sponsored in-country transportation and entry fees. Additional costs include UGA in-state tuition† and fees, personal items, and international airfare.For more information on tuition and fees, please visit the UGA Bursar's website.

* The final program fee is subject to student enrollment.
† Note: Out-of-state students pay in-state tuition. Additionally, the HOPE scholarship applies to those who are eligible.



After your acceptance into the program, all program fees and tuition will be applied to your Student Account upon registration through Athena. Our office will communicate program and academic course registration specifics with you when your program term approaches. Access your Student Account here. You may pay online with a credit card or mail a check to the Bursar's Office. If you receive a scholarship from either OIE or UGA Costa Rica, or if you plan to utilize financial aid, please notify the UGA Costa Rica Office should any payment need to be submitted after the deadlines given the timing of disbursement. We are generally willing to work with students who have special circumstances.



An additional application and $60 processing fee is required for non-UGA students to enroll. Click here for instructions. Contact the UGA Costa Rica Office to confirm once you have started the application process. And per University of Georgia policy, all non-UGA students will be charged a $250 fee in addition to their tuition (unless a student of a USG or SEC institution), which is assessed by the UGA Bursar's office.

Other dates / Deadlines




Once notification of official acceptance has been received, a Program deposit is due in full by the Deposit/Withdrawal/Commit Deadline as listed on the program-specific webpage (web link). Payment of this deposit confirms intent to participate and this payment will be subtracted from total program fees. Students acknowledge a commitment to pay all program fees in full after this date. 
Students who withdraw prior to the Deposit/Withdrawal/Commit Deadline will receive a full refund of all fees paid. Students who withdraw after the Deposit/Withdrawal/Commit Deadline will forfeit the deposit and owe a pro-rated portion of the Program fees as determined by the University of Georgia Education Abroad Program Fee Refund Policy.  


FINAL PAYMENT DUE: See the Bursar's Office website, select Calendar & Payment Deadlines in the side navigation, then choose the appropriate term to find final payment deadlines.

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